How to generate a delay:

  1. Modify the delay announcement by choosing out of the given options.
  2. Fill in your name and hit submit!
  3. Your delay announcement will be played out in the Graduation Show and stored in the archive.

What is Thank You For Your Patience?

Thank You For Your Patience lets you come up with alternative delay announcements to prompt a playful reflection on our reliance on institutions and systems that make us wait.

What is the goal of Thank You For Your Patience?

Everyday we engage with increased complex systems that make us wait, like trains, governments, computers, and universities. Delay announcements are part of the communication between a system of expertise and their users giving a promise that users should keep trust during the waiting time.

This Delay Generator challenges the way we are informed while waiting by coming up with alternative delay announcements that are more human, joyful, or interesting.

A project from Thijmen Peters - Master Information Design 2023